Don’t Just Market Your Brand, Dominate It With Facebook Marketing and Re-targeting!

This web application is a complete facebook messenger marketing software. It is able to send bulk message to your messenger leads from your pages and have some very cool stuff to generate messsenger leads so easily and rapidly. Also it has inbox manager that will help you to manange your page’s message in one dashboard.

It is not only Messenger marketing tools, but the most complete page’s posting features that can outurn any other Facebook posting tools existing in the market. It can post up 11 Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Medium, Pinterest, Reddit, WordPress, Youtube and Blogger

It has some great tools for your facebook marketing that will help your build your messenger leads easily. In addition to posts and manage pages, It will post to all your facebook groups you are admin. Private auto reply, Message Us Button, Chat Plugin, Messenger Ad Campaign, Message Page CTA post all help you to generate messenger leads.

– Lifetime Account with Full access: $50 instead of $399. You SaveA LOT

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Modules Limit
1 Auto Comment Campaign Unlimited
2 Auto Posting (RSS) Unlimited
3 Background Lead Scan N/A
4 Bulk Message Campaign Unlimited
5 Bulk Message Send Limit Unlimited
6 Carousel/Slider Post Unlimited
7 Comboposter Access N/A
8 Comboposter Blogger Account Import Unlimited
9 Comboposter HTML Post Unlimited [Bulk Limit : 10]
10 Comboposter Image Post Unlimited [Bulk Limit : 10]
11 Comboposter Link Post Unlimited [Bulk Limit : 10]
12 Comboposter Linkedin Account Import Unlimited
13 Comboposter Medium Account Import Unlimited
14 Comboposter Pinterest Account Import Unlimited
15 Comboposter Reddit Account Import Unlimited
16 Comboposter Text Post Unlimited [Bulk Limit : 5]
17 Comboposter Tumblr Account Import Unlimited
18 Comboposter Twitter Account Import Unlimited
19 Comboposter Video Post Unlimited [Bulk Limit : 5]
20 Comboposter Wp_org Account Import Unlimited
21 Comboposter Youtube Account Import Unlimited
22 Comment Tag Machine – Bulk Comment Reply Campaign Unlimited
23 Comment Tag Machine – Comment & Bulk Tag Campaign Unlimited
24 CTA Post Unlimited
25 Facebook Account Import Unlimited
26 Facebook Live Streaming – Account Import Unlimited
27 Facebook Live Streaming – Auto Like/Share/Comment Unlimited
28 Facebook Live Streaming – Campaign Unlimited
29 Instagram Auto Reply – Account Import Unlimited
30 Instagram Auto Reply – Business Discovery Unlimited
31 Instagram Auto Reply – Reply Enabled Page Unlimited
32 Lead Generator : Auto Reply Enabled Post Unlimited
33 Lead Generator : Message Send Button N/A
34 Lead Generator : Messenger Ad JSON Script Unlimited
35 Messenger Bot – Account Import Unlimited
36 Messenger Bot – Analytics Unlimited
37 Messenger Bot – Broadcast : Enabled Page Unlimited
38 Messenger Bot – Broadcast : Quick Bulk Unlimited
39 Messenger Bot – Broadcast : Subscriber Bulk Unlimited
40 Messenger Bot – Drip Messaging : Eligible Pages Unlimited
41 Messenger Bot – Drip Messaging : Message Send Limit Unlimited
42 Messenger Bot – Engagement : 2-way Customer Chat Plugin Unlimited
43 Messenger Bot – Engagement : Checkbox Plugin Unlimited
44 Messenger Bot – Engagement : m.me Links Unlimited
45 Messenger Bot – Engagement : Messenger Codes Unlimited
46 Messenger Bot – Engagement : Send to Messenger Unlimited
47 Messenger Bot – JSON API Connector Unlimited
48 Messenger Bot – Persistent Menu Unlimited
49 Messenger Bot – Persistent Menu Copyright N/A
50 Messenger Bot – Settings Export Import Unlimited
51 Messenger Bot Enabled Page Unlimited
52 Page Inbox Manager N/A
53 Page Response – Account Import Unlimited
54 Page Response – Auto like/share Unlimited
55 Page Response Reply – Enabled Page Unlimited
56 Text/Image/Link/Video Post Unlimited
57 Ultra Response Unlimited

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