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Dokan – Multivendor Marketplace for WordPress Plugin


Dokan Pro – Multi Vendor Marketplace WordPress Plugin
The Complete Multivendor
e-Commerce Solution for WordPress

An online marketplace that manages itself. Dokan Multivendor’s super intuitive design & interface makes everything easy even for beginners. It’s so automated that you only need to review the orders!

Vendors manage everything
Vendors get full functionality from the frontend dashboard – coupons, discounts, reviews…

Do more with Dokan Using Powerful Advanced features

Everything in Starter

  • Vendor Review
  • Store Support
  • Seller Verification
  • PayPal, Stripe & Moip
  • Subscriptions
  • 9 Premium Modules
  • 3 Sites License
  • Ticket Based Support

For more details, visite Dokan Pro page

Dokan Pro v2.9.14 – Multi Vendor Marketplace
v2.9.14 -> October 2, 2019

  • [new] Add combine commission (Percentage + Fixed).
  • [fix] Add support for vendor biography in Elementor builder (Elementor).
  • [fix] Admin is only able to add 10 categories for a store in admin backend.
  • [fix] Vendor verification widget doesn’t show up in the store page.
  • [fix] There was a typo in store banner height.
  • [fix] Stripe 3DS was only accepting US currency and ignoring others.
  • [fix] Exclude auction product from the vendor store page if auction product is ended.
  • [fix] Vacation mode is not making the product offline (Seller Vacation).
  • [fix] Assigning a new product to a vendor from admin backend doesn’t show up in the shop page.
  • [fix] Plugin updater menu doesn’t shop up even in the live server.
  • [fix] Vendor shipping method is not working for long zip code like (111123-2039) for brazil.
  • [fix] Remove vendor earning from all logs if it’s subscription product. (Subscription)
  • [fix] Vendor email address is not showing up in stripe dashboard for subscription. (Stripe Connect).
  • [fix] Subscription renew issue with stripe (Stripe Connect).
  • [fix] Geolocation default latitude longitude doesn’t change (Geolocation).
  • [fix] Apply coupon on stripe subscription if there is any (Stripe Connect).
  • [fix] Store support doesn’t show full conversation (Store Support).


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