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How to create a Service

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A micro job is a temporary, task-type job of all types, often booked through the Internet. Work may included online jobs, such as writing blogs, virtual assistant, handyman, website design, etc.
Novamarketplace is an Online services marketplace and at the same time Crowdsourcing projects.

Crowdsourcing projects: Using Novamarketplace platform, companies hire workers to do one small part of a larger project. Workers generally log on to a company’s website and choose from available tasks.

Online services marketplace: In Novamarketplace, Freelancers offer small services (usually for a set fee) and Employers and buyers browse the marketplace to find people offering the services they need.

As Freelancer or Worker, to create a Service:

  1. Login to your Novamarketplace.com account,
  2. At your left sidebar, above your profile icon of left sidebar, click to the 3 horizontal lines to open left sidebar menu
  3. Click to the red button “POST A SERVICE
  4. Complete all fields
  5. And Click to SAVE & UPDATE to publish
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