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How to apply for a Job

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Jobs are projects created by Employers. Employers, from their account, can create jobs and publish them to Novamarketplace. An Employer can browse Services page (services or microjobs posted by freelancers), and does not find exactly what he want from a freelancer to do for him, or services he will find, do not meet his needs.

So they can decide to create a Job for Freelancers. As Employer, your account allow you to creat for free unlimited jobs or projects for Freelancers. To know how to create à Freelancer Job, visite here.

All Jobs created by Employers are displayed to Projects page. And as Freelancer, you can browse there and apply to any job you can do. The number of employers job you can apply for, depend to your Novamarketplace Membership. Before to apply for a job, be sure your profiles have needed skills set by Employer. Skills are used by Employer to be sure if they are hiring right person for their Job. More skills you have, more you have change to be accepted by Employer and Comapny.

Once You apply for a job, Employer will take a decision (Let me tell you that many freelancers will apply for the same job like you, and employer will choose, according to many other reasons wich one is the best qualified for his job like skills, prices, experience, certification, duration…). While you are applying, you can provide reasons why Employer have to select you for his job like theo one explain above, and you can submit anything wich can convaince Employer to select you, like number of years in this job, certification, cover letter, anything.

Let us consider now that you have been selected to do the job. A work room and private chat room will be created for you and employer, where you can discuss about anything (for chat, according to your Freelancer Membership, you can see anytime if employer is online and so on). Once job has been finish at your side, inform Employer in your Work Room that job has been done. And now, Employer can complete the job, and rate you like above video.

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