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Freelancer Packages Features

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As Freelancer, your contribution as qualify worker is very important to Novamarketplace and it is rewarded. A freelancer with active account, can:

  • Create Services or Microjobs
  • Apply for Employers Jobs and get paid by employers

The number of services you can create and number of employers job you can apply for, depend to your Novamarketplace Membership, as you can see in picture below.

Below are few explanation about membership features:

  1. No of credits: Credits mean total points to apply on a single job. To Novamarketplace.com, we charge 5 credits per job to apply, this means 1 Employer Job application will cost you 5 Credits. If you have 25 credits then you can apply on 5 jobs.
  2. No of Services: Services are Micro jobs. They are also called: Gigs. As freelancer, you can create service like “I will design a logo for your business”, and set price you want to charge Business / Buyer / Company / Employer for your service. Freelancer Post his service and Other ( Business, Buyer, Company, Employer) purchase it, then you do the work, and deliver it. No of Services means the number of services (gigs, micro jobs) you can create to Novamarketplace.com.
  3. No of Featured Services: Features services means those services which will display on top. For example, if your package are 10 services, and if there are 3 featured services then 7 will be normal services and 3 will be featured out of 10.
  4. Badge: Badge is a way to identify wich membership you have.
  5. Banner Options: This allow you to upload a banner, promotional banner to your profile.
  6. Duration: This is your membership package duration, when it expired, and for how many time it is valide. To Novamarketplace.com, duration of package are 30 days, 90 days, and 365 days according to package you have.
  7. No of skills : Skill are used by Employer to be sure if they are hiring right person for their Job. More skills you have, more you have change to be accepted by Employer and Comapny. No of skills means number of skills you can add to your freelancer profile.
  8. Private Quick Chat: If anable to your package, you can chat privately with your connexions one to one in details

As you can see, as Freelancer, your package is not only to apply to Employer Jobs, but also to create and publish your services or gigs as products, and sell to other.

NB: If you register as Freelancer to Novamarketplace.com, your Freelancer account allow you only to Create Services, to Apply to Employer jobs, and get paid. You can not use your freelancer account to create job and order freelancer services. No! If you want to order services from other freelancers, you can create a second account as Employer. So each user, according to your needs, can create 2 types of accounts: 1 Freelancer account, and 1 Employer account. For more details, contact us.
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