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What is Novamarketplace

Novamarketplace is an Application for micro job marketplace. It allows buyers to find the suitable service providers, order a micro job, communication and get tasks done quickly.

With Novamarketplace, users can easily focus on details of each micro job and work well on every screen size due to its simple design with modular content block. Novamarketplace also includes a secure payment system so that users can make safe transactions right on the platform.

Since years, we’ve had one thing on our mind: talent. We know the world is full of great talent that is for the most part underused. That’s why we created Novamarketplace. We wanted to unleash the talents and unique skills of individuals worldwide by connecting both Buyers and Sellers. 

At Novamarketplace, you’re able to provide a micro job service at an affordable price to our buyers. Do what you love for someone that needs it. We figure it doesn’t get much better than that. Cut out all the expensive overhead and costs of marketing and running a business.

List for free and show the world what you’ve got. Go ahead. Give it a try – today.

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